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Success and achievements. Specific periods of time. Power and intensity. Linguistics: intensifying expressions. Higher and lower points of achievement. Grammar Measurements. Area: length, width, depth and height. Weight and volume. Frequency, speed, time.


Height also refers to the distance that something is above a surface :. The height of a condition or event is when it is most full of activity or when it is at its top level of achievement :. She was at the height of her career when they met.

The height of also means an extreme example of:. Examples of height. Free balloons carrying lighter instruments have continued these records to still higher regions, heights of 25 kilometres and more having been reached. From Cambridge English Corpus. All species have maximum heights of 20 m or more. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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One can see the heights of plateaus are proportional to the magnitude of intensity that coincides with the analytical predictions. Is it mere coincidence that his philosophy commanded the heights for a generation and appeared to all contemporaries as the consummation of the movement? In our own professional literature however, the situation is often portrayed as radiographers achieving emancipation from medical control and establishing new heights of professional autonomy.

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The distances between structures are correlated with the barrier heights, but not exactly. To analyse the trends in heights and how the differences in qualitative characteristics influenced their evolution a regression was carried out for all samples.

HEIGHT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Each sample consisted of leaves picked from different heights in the tree canopies. The profile was taken trip heights downstream of the trip. There are two strong explanations for the significant decline in heights for those born in the s and s with respect to earlier decades. The finely graduated degrees of light cast over the face of the moon also serve to reveal the heights and depths of its surface.

The constants a and b specify the heights of the waves. There is, however, an increase in heights of cohorts who were born after the end of the s. The recovery in heights does not start until the s, and only increases markedly for those born in the s. See all examples of height.

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From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. See all collocations with height. Translations of height in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator?


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height definition: 1. the distance from the top to the bottom of something, or the quality of being tall: 2. the. Learn more. Thomston - The Heights (Letra e música para ouvir) - There was a demon that I fed / It smiled when I laid my head down / And I'd like to think there's nothing left.

For guests who need additional help going to higher levels, the lack of a lift is an issue. It is also reported that the central heating is often not sufficient during extreme winter conditions.

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Tuesday National Principals Month Begins. Buy Tickets. Jump to. Please enter a comment. Mais acessados. A century later, this was almost the same — 10 to 11 cm. We can't imagine what the guys are going through right now.

The small road that leads into the area with the resort is often said to be packed with traffic. This can substantially affect travel times if guests are visiting nearby attractions or need to be on the road to get to the next destination. The resort is away from any busy city centres. Guests find that if they want to go out and explore, they really need their own car. You are now online. View Map Map.

objectifcoaching.com/components/journal/rencontres-glamour.php Sort by. Return to list. Show more hotels. Information Reviews. Located in the incredible Himalayas at nearly 7, feet in elevation, the remote, three-star Manali Heights is set amongst an ancient forest landscape and within two kilometres of the attractions and points of interest in the town centre.

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A number of room options are available, including studio and family rooms, luxury rooms and suites. They all feature contemporary decor with handcrafted accents. Some of the basic amenities include satellite television, floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the Himalayas, and hour room service.

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The spa features a sauna and steam room and a gym is available for workouts. A multi-cuisine restaurant, garden buffet and coffee lounge are open for guests and serve a menu focusing mainly on Himachali cuisine. Nearby points of interest include the Hadimba Temple and the Old Manali village, both within 15 minutes driving time.